Dogs' Ears would not be possible without the help of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, Appledown Kennels, Shippshape School for Dogs and all of the artists and contributors mentioned below. Most of all we thank the dogs themselves for agreeing to donate their time to chat to you.

Please note that no dogs were harmed during the production of this work, and many of them gained an NVQ in Computer Literacy Skills.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a registered charity existing to improve the quality of life for deaf people. The Charity trains dogs to alert deaf people to everyday sounds by touch, using a paw to gain attention and then lead their owner back to the sound source. For sounds such as the smoke and fire alarm the dogs will touch to get attention and then lay down to indicate danger. The dogs also provide, companionship, confidence and greater independence to those with hearing loss, an invisible disability which can be very isolating and lonely. The majority of dogs entering the scheme are selected from rescue centres of similar. Hearing Dogs receives no government funding and places around 150 fully trained hearing dogs each year. It costs £5,000 to financially support a hearing dog through training. Hearing dogs are free to deaf people as each dog is financially supported by a company, organisation, club or individual willing to raise the funds needed.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is pleased to be associated with Julie Freeman's innovative art project, and is proud to support a local artist who is herself a dog lover. It is wonderful that Julie's piece concentrates on dogs ears, which are so highly sensitive and of course vital to the brilliant work hearing dogs do.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, The Grange, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, Princes Risborough, Buck HP27 9NS Registered Charity No. 293358

Apple Down Kennels

Appledowns Boarding Kennels & Cattery was established in 1993 and is ideally located in Bedfordshire only 15 minutes from the M1, and at the meeting point of Beds, Bucks and Herts.In 2001/02 we completely rebuilt all of the accommodation for Cats and Dogs and in line with the modernisation, all dog kennels and cat pens are individually heated and large enough to house a minimum of 2 pets.

Shippshape School for Dogs

Professional gundog and obedience trainer. Recommended by Vets, and Personal Referrals Puppy/Adult Classes/ Clicker/ One-to-One/KC Good Citizens/Gundog/Agility/Home Visits, Gentle Reward Based Training, Modern Behavioural Methods Used,
Committee of the Irish Water Spaniel Association.

Theresa Shipp, Contact: 6, Dukes Cottages, Watling St, Little Brickhill, Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire MK17 9LX. Tel: 01525 261504

Production Team


Dog Owners: Lee and Viv Freeman

Dog Translators & Twitterers: Marek Tuszynski, Evelyn Namara, Phil Le Gal, Vivian Caccuri, Naomi Woddis, Dmitri Vitaliev, Francesca Galeazzi, Ana Keshelashvili, Mohammed Sameer, Bobby Soriano, Allan Stanley, Victoria,Tolga Tanyel, Fredrik Bonde, the Japanese Embassy (UK), Kate Gordon

Freesound contributers: CPT Destroyer, evernaut, jmfh, stefanl, FreqMan, Pullover aus Milch, genghis attenborough, Anton, john9, Heigh-hoo, roubignolle, cgrebeld, Satoshi Hama, dobroide

Other audio contributers: Barbed, HearIMPROV musicians: John Ayers, Steve Brown, Jamie Thompson, Steve Ojay,, Adinda van ‘t Klooster, Mona McCarthy, Nick Williams, Ralph Bossingham, Dominic Smith, Pete Hindle