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Dogs' Ears! Click to watch us twitch and flap!

Dogs' Ears is about making music. Not any music, and probably not 'normal' music, but music generated by the flap of a dog's ear whether big, small, upright, floppy, in the wind, stiff to attention or just simply super-strokey.

To do this, help was needed to raise money to create the Ear-Music-Extraction System. And where better to look than directly at the source of inspiration - Our Faithful Friends! We have found a pack of the finest, most charitable International Celebrity Canines with the ultimate flap factor willing to chat to YOU for a tiny donation.

Meet them all, from the Brazilian supermodel Poodle Naomi Pin-up and Rani the Bollywood-wannabe Jack Russell, to Fredrika the Swedish Society Spaniel with a love for Strindberg.

Sign-up to become an art patron and become co-owner of the future generated Ear Music. And you get to chat with the dogs - flaptastic!


Dogs' Ears EVENTS @ ICA:

10th Dec 2008 - Pet Sounds
13th Dec 2008 - Patronise Me!

Check the Dogs’ Ears blog!


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